Government Reveals Well-Paying Job For First Home Buyers: People Smuggling


After the week from hell for Joe Hockey and the Abbott government, and questions regarding whether the government paid people smugglers over $40,000 to turn back the boats, the Government today turned the tables by announcing a new well paid job scheme in the hope of stopping the boats and also allowing young people to get a well-paying job that will allow them to enter the Australian housing market.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton announced the new initiative, saying: “The federal government will not confirm or deny that we have ever paid people smugglers, but if we are going to pay anyone, it will be Australians, so that they can afford to get into the Australian housing market whilst at the same time helping us to stop the boats.”

Treasurer Joe Hockey reiterated the immigration minister’s comments: “I have been banging on for years about making sure people get a well-paid job so that they can afford to buy a house and now we are providing those jobs.”

It’s believed the government is paying approximately $40,000 per boat load of refugees taken back to Indonesia, even more if the boat contains children.

People who are interested must have their own boat. It doesn’t matter if the boat is registered or even sea worthy as there are no plans to allow the boats into Australian waters. Life jackets and radios are optional.

To apply contact your local detention centre directly.

Gus W Templeton

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