Treasurer For Sail

Hockey boat

Treasurer Joe Hockey likes sail boats far more than any other types of boat, especially those paddle boats with the massive oversized wheels out the front.

“I think steam powered boats smell funny and boats with outboard motors make far too much noise but sail boats are very pleasing to the eye and can be surprisingly fast”, said the avuncular Hockey on the way out of court after winning his defamation case against Fairfax. “And you definitely wouldn’t find me out on a canoe or a balsa wood raft. Unless it had sails.”

Hockey is believed to be considering using his $200,000 windfall to put a deposit on another Sydney home.

“Its so easy to get into the property market. All you have to do is sue a newspaper on some flimsy premise,” said the formerly popular treasurer. “Excuse me, now I’m off to go house hunting. Preferably a waterfront property so I can get my sail boat out.”

Peter Green

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