Enthusiasts Who Missed Out On Comic Con Forced To Wait Until Minutes Later To Watch New Videos


Hundreds of thousands of pop-culture fanatics have been kicking themselves all weekend after failing to secure the means to attend San Diego’s Comic Con, the world’s largest gathering of fans and the celebrities who try desperately to avoid having to touch them.

While the convention is a proverbial goal mine for retailers selling rare comic books, collectibles, and inhalers, it is perhaps most appealing for arranging panels featuring the creators and stars of some of nerd culture’s most popular and beloved franchises, who discuss their art, offer inside information and answer questions from the people who managed to survive lining up outside.

Those lucky enough to be attending were also the first to see new videos, behind the scenes clips, and trailers of upcoming movies, sometimes entire minutes before they were uploaded to the internet for everyone else to view.

Those who could not travel to San Diego or failed to procure tickets before the event sold out have voiced consternation missing out on these first glimpses.

“I’m the biggest sci-fi fan in the world and it literally hurts that people were able to complain about the race of certain characters before me,” Alex Eccles, an actual adult man, told The (un)Australian.

“I could have been suffocating in an auditorium, witnessing the trailer before almost everyone else, but instead I had to watch it on my computer in the comfort of my own room.”

Kate Novak, who has a PhD in microbiology, her own apartment and a real adult life, says it’s the community she regrets missing out on the most.

“When I was a teenager, people used to bully me for how much I knew about Spider-Man, but Comic-Con is one of the few places in the world where I can actually be myself and get bullied for not knowing enough about Spider-Man.”

Ms Novak, a self-proclaimed cosplayer, says dressing up as her favourite superhero in her living room just isn’t the same.

“It’s not quite cosplay unless you’re having your personal space invaded and you’re in the presence of creepy guys with no boundaries taking photos of you without your permission,” she told The (un)Australian.

For those who failed to get lost in a sea of body odour, experience dehydration, or be sexually harassed, next year’s Comic Con tickets are set to go on sale sometime in early 2016.

Matthew Farthing is the culture reporter for The (un)Australian. He dismisses The Big Bang Theory as ‘nerd blackface’ because he has no understanding of history.


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