New Matildas Fan Reckons It Would Be ‘Great If We Had A Chick’s Cricket Team Too’


After getting giddily swept up with enthusiasm for the excellent performance of the Matildas at the recent football World Cup, Aussie sports fan Brad Partridge reckons it would be awesome if we “also had a chick’s cricket team”.

“Our babes did us proud getting to the final eight of a World Cup, which is way better than any of our men’s teams have done and on a fraction of the pay,” said Partridge, who got up early to watch every game after the third match that the Matildas played at the tournament. “It got me thinking that we should have a sheila’s team in some other sports we play, like cricket.”

“I think the idea has some merit,” said Meg Lanning, captain of the Southern Stars. “Perhaps if Brad volunteers to teach us how to throw properly without lifting our back legs daintily in the air and shows us which end of the bat to hold because I’m always picking mine up by the wide end. Yes, I am being freaking sarcastic.”

Partridge is currently at the planning stage of running the idea that Australia should even have a women’s basketball team past his mates at the pub.

Peter Green
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