Promising Comedian Leaves Critically Acclaimed TV Show For Middling Film Career


‘I look forward to working in the studio system, where my ideas can be shut down by some kid straight out of Harvard.’

For five years, comedian Nathan Gate has been creating critically acclaimed sketches for his Comedy Central show Lock The Gate with Nathan Gate, many of which have managed to capture the zeitgeist and become viral sensations long after airing. However that’s all set to end this year as the two time Emmy Award winner has announced he will be ending his television show to focus on pursuing a mediocre film career.

“While I will cherish my time at Comedy Central, I have been feeling increasingly stifled by the creative freedom they’ve lent me. I look forward to working within the studio system, where all my creative suggestions can be shut down by some kid straight out of Harvard.”

Many pop culture commentators have been predicting this move after the popular recurring skit Bad-Ass Hilary Clinton reached media saturation last year, when one of the sketches featured the game presidential candidate.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a comedian with this kind of culture cache in quite some time. While I love his show and wish it could go on forever, now is the time for Gate to make the jump to making movies that only have a couple of really good laughs and a romantic sub- plot forced in there for some reason,” Greg Schneider, editor for, wrote in his “eulogy” for the tv show.

But while there will be more money and the opportunity to co-star with actors like Vince Vaughn and Alison Brie, Gate will be following in the path of his comedy heroes;

“It’s more than just having the opportunity to bring the words of Scot Armstong & Craig Mazin to life on screen. This is why I got into comedy. As a kid, I worshiped Dana Carvey. Now it’s my chance to make the exact same mistakes he did.”

Nathan Gate will be starring in the remake of Coneheads which will be out in August. Later this year will see the release of High Maintenance, featuring Gate as a pot-loving man-child who tries to grow up after meeting the girl of his dreams.

Matthew Farthing is the entertainment reporter for The (un)Australian. He is the uncle of 6 year old Noel Farthing, director of 2015’s box office hit Jurassic World.

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