Monster Shark Dies While Resisting Arrest


Fisheries have said that a huge shark caught of northern New South Wales this week died as a result of a struggle when being taken into custody.

“We just wanted to talk to him about an incident in the area”, explained commercial fisherman James Trevett, “but when we had him on the hook he suddenly bolted. He just didn’t want to get on the boat, for whatever reason.

“We want to extend our support to the fishermen involved in this incident”, said Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce. “They do a tough job that’s not made any easier by the non-compliance of suspects.

I understand the fishermen merely wanted to ask a few questions, and when they attempted to bring the shark in he resisted. Of course there will be a full investigation into the shark’s death, during which we expect to find it responsible for any number of unsolved incidents off the eastern coast.”

Brian Kerr

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