Royal Commissioner Dyson Hayden Reveals ‘I’m Tony Abbott’s Biological Father’

'It is was all very well that Triggs has her  “personal views” against forcing children to endure horrific conditions, but  as a Human Rights Commissioner, she was must be more impartial.'

Dyson Hayden, the former high court judge in charge of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Corruption, has revealed that in addition to accepting an invitation to a Liberal Party fundraiser and having links to the Liberal Party, he is also, actually, Tony Abbott’s father.

The revelation has only increased the pressure on the government as the trade union Royal Commission buckles under the burgeoning perception of bias.

Tony Abbott is standing by his hand-picked Royal Commissioner though as he told The (un)Australian: “Dyson Hayden is a man of integrity, never once in the time I was growing up did he miss a child support payment. And it was great when he was on the panel that awarded me the Rhodes Scholarship.”

Despite Abbott’s defence of his father being able to maintain the commission, the manager of opposition business, Tony Burke, lead the calls for the dismissal of the Dyson Hayden during question time.

Burke said during question time: “Don’t you think it’s a bit much to give your dad a job and then expect him to not make rulings in your favour? Dads tell their sons anything they want to hear, my dad says I’ve got a lovely voice which we all know is bullshit. I wouldn’t appoint him to the panel of The Voice if I was a contestant because he would rule in my favour.”

Tony Abbott’s response to the question was, “Oh yeah, well my dad’s better than your dad, he could beat him up.”


Ryan Crawford

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