Man Uses “LOL” Acronym Despite Not Actually Laughing Out Loud

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A man has admitted his use of the “LOL” acronym in Facebook messaging in the past has been at times disingenuous, conceding that in many case he did not actually laugh out loud when the expression was used.

The accountant/philanthropist/father-of-four David Shelley made the startling admission in court, where he is currently being tried for a variety of convictions, ranging from unpaid parking tickets, to treason.

“It’s disappointing,” says Luellen DuPont, a close friend who often exchanged messages with Mr Shelly. “As we all know when you try to say something funny over Facebook you’re really putting yourself out there, and when I saw the LOL I was pretty happy with the result. To have that taken away from me is a tough pill to swallow. The treason bit is pretty bad as well.”

The pair had most recently been discussing a baby shower they’d been invited to over Facebook, to which Mr Shelly had replied as “Maybe Attending” as a means of communicating he definitely wouldn’t be at the event.

“I’m definitely going to keep my guard up in future,” says Mr DuPont. “First he leaves a flaming bag of dog faeces on my doorstep. Then he sleeps with my wife. Now this! It’s definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

The judge presiding over the case described Mr Shelley’s comments as “perplexing”, “distracting” and “largely irrelevant to the proceedings”.

Ben Squires

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