Dark Web Mainly Used To Share Justin Bieber Albums

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An Australian Federal Police investigation into the shadowy “dark web” has found that the underground internet is being used mostly by anonymous users to share files of Justin Bieber albums.

“We were expecting to find that it was being used to trade kiddy porn and illegal weapons, but instead found more than 90% of the trafficking was in downloads of Justin Bieber’s 2012 album Believe,” said senior AFP detective Peter Shilton.

“I guess there’re just an awful lot of beliebers out there who don’t want their family, employers or the authorities to know the sort of degraded stuff that they’re into.”

On promise of anonymity, a dark web user who simply wanted to be known as “Mark” showed us how easy it was to access the service.

“This is an untraceable, encrypted version of the internet that I’m able to access through specially configured software,” said the innocuous looking resident of Sydney’s inner-west.

After tapping a few keys he was able to open up thousands of pages of dark web material. “Here it all is. Sure there are a few sites devoted to selling drugs, hitmen and terrorism, but most of it is about Justin.”

What we saw was a sickening array of albums, T shirts, signed photographs and even a few Bieber impersonators offering their services for a fee.

“If my wife ever finds out about this I’m toast,” said Mark, quickly turning off the computer when he thought he heard a key in the front door. “I’ve got to go to my post office box now. I’m expecting a shipment of Justin’s My World 2.0, which is being sent to me from the Ukraine in a box marked as human organs.”

Peter Green

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