13 People Hospitalised Following Festival Of Dangerous Ideas Presentation

Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2014 - Salman Rushdie

13 audience members at this year’s Festival Of Dangerous Ideas have been admitted to Sydney Hospital with critical injuries sustained during the presentation of dangerous ideas over the weekend.

48 others in attendance were treated on-site for minor incidences of shock. Witnesses at the festival informed the (un)Australian that many of the people who had gathered at the Sydney Opera House over the past two days were simply too unprepared for just how dangerous many of the ideas would be.

“It felt like a war zone. I’ve never seen so many people have their preconceived ideas challenged with such radical free thought,” Jessie Symonds, 23, told the (un)Australian.

The high level of casualties has once again caused safety groups to call for the end of the festival.

“Each year the number of wounded grows to new, unacceptable levels. The panels the curators put on each year deal with ideas that are just too dangerous for consumption,” Peter Stone, a spokesperson for the Citzens Safety Coalition stated during a press conference being held at the Sydney Opera House.

Mr Stone was on-site for his own panel, “We Need More Regulations, Not Less”, which claimed its own nineteen year-old victim when Mr Stone pointed out that alcohol consumption leads to an increase in violence.

A spokesperson for The Ethics Centre defended the event without the slightest hint of condescension;

“We give adequate warning to anyone who is thinking of attending one of our presentations. It’s right there in the name of the festival! If our ideas are too dangerous for you, then maybe you should stay home and watch Channel 7’s Sunday Night.

Despite the carnage, doctors believe those admitted into hospital are set to make a full recovery, with none of the victims expected to have had their opinions changed by the information they’ve absorbed.

Matthew Farthing is an events reporter for The (un)Australian. Despite what he’s said about Australia, he’s glad we live in a country where Chris Berg can redress libertarian platitudes as maverick thought.


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