Kevin Rudd Casually Mentions That He Was Way More Popular Than Malcolm Turnbull


Former Prime Minister and host of CNN’s Amanpour, Kevin Rudd, has been incessantly bringing up the fact that he was always a more popular leader than current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Rudd and Mr Turnbull squared off as Prime Minister and Opposition leader in 2008 in 2009. Throughout the period, Labor dominated the Turnbull-led Liberal opposition by often record breaking margins.

Sources close to the former Prime Minister have revealed that Mr Rudd has taken to carrying around a number of 2009 Newspolls in his briefcase which he invariably, accidentally reveals while rummaging through his papers, ostensibly looking for something else.

The new behaviour comes amidst renewed scrutiny on Bill Shorten’s position following Mr Turnbull’s ascension to the leadership on Monday, but Mr Rudd has strenuously denied that he is contributing to this scrutiny.

“I have no desire to see people comparing my polling record against Malcolm to Bill’s record against Malcolm. I don’t want them to fixate on the fact that I led Malcolm on preferred Prime Minister while Bill now trails Malcolm.

“I don’t want them to fixate on the fact that I had a record high approval rating against Malcolm while Bill has a negative approval rating and, above all, I don’t want people to fixate on the enormous lead I always held in the two-party preferred vote.”


Nathan Lentern

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