Facebook Introduces Shrug Button


Facebook announced this week it will be introducing a button that indicates no opinion at all. The button will sit alongside the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ buttons, and will allow users to express a complete emotional void towards the activities of those in their social network.

A spokesman said: “We are introducing the button in response to perceived demand from Facebook’s ‘heavy user’ demographic. We believe those with nothing to say and a significant desire to say it are catered for quite well already, but we want to make sure they can express meaningless acknowledgement succinctly and in a way that drives interaction.”

An additional benefit of the ‘shrug’ button will be acknowledging posts without fear of being misconstrued. “In essence, it will enable users, in the nicest possible way, to say ‘So what?’ Isn’t that what we’ve been waiting for?”

Brian Kerr


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