Deceased Mother Wishes Son Would Seance More Often


The restless spirit of a deceased Brisbane mother reports from the other side that it would be nice if her son conducted more seances and kept in touch a bit more often.

“He doesn’t need to hold a seance every day but once a week would be sweet, just so I know what the kids are up to and that he’s happy and eating well,” reported the ethereal soul of deceased mother Mavis Chook via a ouija board. “I know he’s been very busy at work and the break up of his marriage has been hard on him… well I imagine it’s been hard on him because he hasn’t found the time to link hands around a table with a bunch of friends and summon me back into the material world to talk about it. I have to find these things out from his sister.”

“I guess it has been a while since I upturned a glass in the middle of the kitchen table and had a good old natter with mum,” sighed Sunshine Coast superannuation fund manager Derek Chook. “To be honest all she ever does is go on about who’s newly arrived on the other side, then she rattles off a list of old relatives and friends of hers that I’ve never heard of who’ve recently passed away. Then she puts dad on the other end of the glass and we end up having an awkward conversation about what sort of glass I’m using.”Derek suspects that his mother is well and truly capable of keeping an eye on him without him having to visit a medium every couple of weeks and make her go into a deep trance.

“Mum makes her presence felt around here all the time,” said Derek of the one bedroom granny flat he recently moved into. “I come home and find the newspaper mysteriously open at a page advertising an audience with John Edward. My address book keeps tumbling off the table and falling open at the page with the number of her friend Doris Parker’s daughter Stephanie, who she always thought would be a good match for me… sometimes I get home and the TV is switched on and an old episode of Murder She Wrote is playing.”

Peter Green

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