Star Wars Fans Lining Up To Be The First To Spoil The Plot For Everyone Else


Star Wars fans of all ages, though mostly 25-to-45 year old males, have lined up overnight to be the first in the world to spoil the plot for everyone else.

Andrew Saunders, a 35-year-old graphic designer from Guildford NSW who goes by the online handle @ChewyShotFirst69, spoke to The (un)Australian about his excitement at spoiling the plot to the new Star Wars movie: “ I’ve waited years for the opportunity to spoil a movie for the rest of the world. I got my first taste for this in the late 90s when I went to see The Sixth Sense and I stood up at the start and shouted, ‘oh my god you killed Bruce Willis, you bastards!’

“Since then, the changes in technology have meant I can see a movie and tweet about it before I’ve even finished watching it. All we need now are flying cars and realistic robot girlfriends and my life will be complete.”

Disney has placed embargoes and restrictions on reviewers, hoping to keep the plot a mystery. When contacted about Mr Saunders talk of posting online, the company replied: “He has 12 twitter followers were not that worried.”

Mark Williamson
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