Chris Gayle Sues, Puts Hard Word On Fairfax Journalist


Besieged big bash cricketer and ladies man Chris Gayle yesterday started legal action and put his best moves on a Fairfax journalist who wrote a story claiming the Jamaican batsman had exposed himself in a dressing room.

“My story will stand up in court and if you’re interested I’ve got something in my pants that’ll stand up outside of court,” said Gayle as he delivered a libel claim against journalist Martha Broadsheet. “Don’t blush babycakes, I’ll show you some private interest even if what you wrote wasn’t in the public interest.”

Meanwhile, the men behind the hashtag #standwithgayle have gone cool on the West Indian superstar after he spent most of the day trying to crack onto their wives, daughters and carers.

“We’re all totally enraged and gobsmacked that social media has blown an issue totally out of proportion,” said supporter Terry Dimbulb as Gayle chatted up his girlfriend. “Social media has always been so measured and responsible in the past. Anyway, we intend to harass that chick from Channel Ten for the way she brazenly stood there doing her job and provoked Chris into… hey fair go mate, I’m standing right here. Where are you going with my girlfriend?”

The organisers of the BBL have arranged counselling sessions for Gayle from former Australian spinner Shane Warne, hoping to teach him to use the much less public medium of text messaging when trying to meet the girl of his dreams to settle down with.

Peter Green

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