Australian Selector Rod Marsh Selects ‘Automatic Wickie’ For The T20 World Cup


Australia’s head selector Rod Marsh (surprisingly no relation to Shaun Marsh) has defended his panel’s controversial inclusion of an ‘automatic wickie’ for their upcoming 20/20 World cup campaign in the subcontinent, insisting: “We need the best wicketkeeper for India.”

Expanding on his explanation, Marsh said: “Look, we all know that no one is better than ‘automatic wickie’ in backyard cricket. I mean if it hits ‘automatic wickie’ you’re out, so, sorry Matty Wade – you’re gone! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the TAB to put a bet on India winning the cup. You can get good odds, you know.”

The Australian selectors have come under fire for their recent selections, most notably their omission of the in-form Usman Khawaja and ongoing selection of multiple Marshes. For some the selection of ‘automatic wickie’ is the last straw.

Former Australian opening batsman and Bon Jovi enthusiast Michael Slater has been one of the leading critics, telling The (un)Australian: “Automatic wickie – are they for real? That’s when you use a wall as a wicketkeeper! How on earth do they think that’s practical in a cricket tournament?”

The 20/20 World Cup is to be held later this year in India and is expected to be made into a future series of Underbelly, focusing on all the illegal betting tipped to occur on the games.

Mark Williamson
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