Turnbull Unveils Plan To Privatize CSIRO

Sales and Turnbull

The Turnbull government has responded to the backlash over cuts to the CSIRO by announcing a new plan to restore the funding through private investment. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the ABC on Tuesday that he had listened to the people and now recognised the need for an adequately funded national scientific research organisation.

“We’re going to make the CSIRO sustainable into the long term by harnessing the innovative qualities of the private sector. By allowing private companies to take some ownership we’ll be able to have an agile and nimble CSIRO better equipped to handle 21st century challenges.”

Mr Turnbull went on to say  that within a few hours of reaching the decision he had already received several approaches from the private sector. “There’s been a great interest in investing in the CSIRO. Adani Mining has been in touch, so has Racing Victoria, even British American Tobacco wants a slice. There’s truly never been a more exciting time to be the CSIRO.”

Labor are set to oppose the proposed measure with Bill Shorten telling The (un)Australian “Labor will fight this policy with every fibre of our being. We accept the need to get the budget back to surplus, what we don’t is a government that wants to do it by cutting spending, raising taxes or selling public assets. That’s not how you get a budget back to surplus.”  According to the ABC Fact Check, those are more or less the only three ways in which to get a budget back to surplus.

Nathan Lentern

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