New Zealand Cricket Regretting Appointing Chris Cairns Bowling Coach


New Zealand Cricket has sacked former vice-captain Chris Cairns as Test bowling coach following Monday’s humiliating innings defeat to Australia. In a short press conference on Tuesday, Chief Executive Officer David White conceded that hiring the colourful former all-rounder in the first place had been a high risk, and ultimately flawed decision.

White told reporters that the initial decision to hire Cairns was taken at a time when New Zealand was a struggling side and that Cairns was someone with a well-earned reputation for “getting results.” When it became apparent which results Cairns was intent upon getting, he was promptly removed from his position.

White went on to say that they were optimistic about New Zealand’s chances in the second Test now that Cairns’ influence from the side had been removed. “We know now that when we lose the next test it’ll be on the basis of our inferior cricketing ability and nothing untoward. Not there’s any evidence that Chris actually did anything untoward this time but now we definitely know he won’t. It’ll be all on us.”

Cairns’ tenure as bowling coach wasn’t a complete faliure as he was able to provide New Zealand Cricket with a substantial amount of money gained from when he ‘fined’ his bowlers for not bowling no balls.

Nathan Lentern

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