Julie Bishop Condemns China Over Tim Cahill’s Sacking


Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has flown to Beijing today to condemn the Chinese Government over the sacking of Australia’s most beloved football* player Tim Cahill by his Chinese Club, Shanghai Shenua.

A spokesperson for Minister Bishop spoke to The (un)Australian about the trip, saying, “China has gone too far this time and the Australian people demand action. So Julie hopped on the first plane to Beijing to speak on behalf of Tim Cahill.”

When it was asked what this would achieve, the spokesperson, replied, “We expect China to reinstate Tim’s contract or failing that work out a deal with a Japanese club that would allow all sides access to Tim. Failing such an agreement we don’t rule out taking China to the United Nations.”

In the interim protests are planned outside the Chinese embassy, Western Sydney Wanderers fans are encouraged to bring flares.

*By football we mean soccer, if we meant all codes of football Cahill would probably not make the top 10, even after allowing for the Bill Brownless Gary Lyon situation.

Mark Williamson


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