Guy On Twitter Confident He Could Make Journalism Profitable Again


A 28-year-old man from South Australia suspects that he may be the man to save journalism in Australian. Xavier O’Keefe is confident that if he were running any of Australia’s major print media companies, they would be turning healthy profits all the while making the public better informed and better people generally. He holds this view despite having never worked in media or the private sector.

The problem, according to O’Keefe, is that papers are writing articles that he does not wish to read. On occasions they have even been known to write articles in which he flatly disagrees with the conclusions formed by the columnist.

“The way I see it”, said O’Keefe “is I don’t have subscription to any media company. So I should be the ones they’re targeting. People like me, we’re the untapped market. If they just wrote what I wanted to read all the time, I might consider paying for it. But when they’re writing what other people want to read, well then of course I’m not going to read it.”

Nathan Lentern

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