Worm Cannery Impossible To Close Says Liquidator


Liquidators for a failed south coast worm cannery are still unable to close the business down despite it having been financial insolvent for the past five years.

“The fact is that once you open up a worm cannery it’s very difficult to close it down again,” said liquidator Juliet Cramdown about Wriggle And Squirm Quality Worms in Eden. “The Federated Worm Canners And Hornets Nest Stirrers Union is one of the most powerful trade unions in the country and you can’t just lay off hundreds of their members without a fight.”

“We’d love to demolish the worm cannery entirely but the building that houses the worm sorting production line has been heritage listed and can’t be knocked down,” stated new owner Matthew Tubifex. “Plus the cost of cleaning up the toxic waste left over from the worm canning process is higher than the cost of simply keeping the factory in operation.”

Tubifex had been hoping to turn the site into a stable for the breeding of horses prone to bolting.

“Unfortunately many worms escaped from the factory over the years and have undermined the earth causing subsidence of the land,” said the frustrated business man. “As a result the ground is very uneven and the stable doors we were hoping to install may not close properly.”

Negotiations are underway to sell the worm cannery to a consortium of investors hoping to use the site for intensive farming of roosters, kookaburras and other birds that like to get up early in the morning.

Peter Green

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