The (un) Australian Goes Live And Libellous!

Launch picture

Tuesday May 3rd. 7:45 pm

Thatcher Cider Lounge, The Factory Theatre

105 Victoria Road, 


Tickets now on sale

Come one, come all to bear witness to the greatest comedy event since George Brandis tried to explain metadata. After nearly two years of scandalising media with our irreverence, our disrespect and our just plain untruthfulness, this May 3rd The (un) Australian goes live for one night only at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Join us for an unforgettable hour of sketches of unforgiving satire as we hold our politicians, our sports stars and our media up to ridicule without fear or favour.

From the team that claimed The Greens aspired to outlaw the Election Day sausage sizzle, that the CSIRO had adjudged Christopher Pyne’s voice to be the most annoying sound on record and that published bogus findings about the psychological effects of eating kale comes the live show that already has politicians drafting their denials.

Don’t miss this one off chance to see some of Australia’s most exciting new satirists showcase their talents ahead of a looming federal election. At 7:45 on May 3, we go Live and Libellous. Tickets are selling fast!

In Sydney? Come and see our live show The (un) Australian: Live and Libellous on May 3 at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Book tickets here

You can follow The (un)Australian on twitter or like us on facebook.



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