ABC Announces New Measures To Prevent Repeat Of The Poor Speaking On Q&A

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With controversy still swirling over after self-confessed poor person Duncan Storrar managed to break through the ABC’s Q&A  strict vetting process to directly speak to a visibly shocked government representative, ABC head Mark Scott has assured a shaken nation the show will install tougher measures to ensure there will be further risk of hearing from someone from the lowest tax bracket on TV.

Mr Storrar’s question to assistant treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer on why the poor received no tax cuts in the latest Budget, which lasted a full 32 seconds, comes after last year’s scandal last year when self-confessed Muslim man Zaky Mallah gave his view of Islamic extremists.

Mr Scott said: “We realise as a public broadcaster we have standards we need to uphold and certainly the producers of Q&A understand this and are very contrite.

“I think the thing that shocked so many, to go by the flood of feedback we have been receiving from right across the nation’s Liberal MPs and Murdoch media columnists, is Mr Storrar didn’t even wear a cloth cap to doff to the minister.

“I know as I watched the horror unfold, I nearly choked on my gluton-free baguette with goat’s cheese and organic chutney that my lovely help Sudarat made on my new $6000 home toasting system. The sheer horror of the uneducated poor unleashed on their betters could only remind me of the very worst excesses of Chairman Mao’s Cultural revolution.”

Measures to ensure only the middle class or higher will be part of Q&A’s audience in future will include asking prospective audience members to provide stubs from the past five operas they have attended or, for those under 50, an ability to recite the full lyrics from of any song from one of Radiohead’s past six albums.

Carlo Sands

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2 replies

  1. I think the ABC has had a ‘No Poor’ policy for a few years, now.


  2. Gluten-free or glutton-free baguette?


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