No-one Able To Verify If ABC Fact Check Has Been Cancelled

fact check

The Australian public has been left unsure whether or not to believe reports that the ABC Fact Check unit has been axed.

“Normally when I hear this kind of statement I would log onto Fact Check to see if it is true,” said regular ABC listener Valerie Niceperson. “But if Fact Check says it isn’t true, how do I know if they’re lying or not if Fact Check isn’t there to check the facts. And if Fact Check says it is true then they must be lying because they still exist. My brain is hurting.”

“Without Fact Check around I’ll just have to take Malcolm Turnbull’s word for it when he says that Bill Shorten will be coming around to everyone’s house and eating their babies if Labor wins the election,” said long time ABC viewer Cecil Cobweb. “That claim sounds a bit bogus but just to be on the safe side I’m going to build a bunker in my backyard to hide all my babies.”

Without Fact Check to help us, The (un)Australian went to Australia’s next most reliable source of news to verify if the unit has been cancelled. “Fact Check has been canned and good riddance,” said Andrew Bolt from The Bolt Report.

“It’s been replaced by Rupert Check, a new unit where facts are carefully examined and then photoshopped to make it look like Bill Shorten wants to eat your babies.”

Peter Green

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