Sydney Millionaire Sets Up Crowd Funding Page For New Pool


The storms that this week ravaged Sydney’s coast not only destroyed waterfront homes and surf clubs, but some residences were left teetering on cliffs and entire swimming pools have gone missing.

One millionaire has set up his own crowd funding page to replace his missing swimming pool, Quinn Rosemund a QC from Collaroy set up the crowd funding page after coming home from a recent trip to the Hunter Valley to find that his pool and part of his sixth bedroom had fallen into the ocean.

Mr Rosmund told The (un)Australian; “It’s just not fair, nobody told me that building a mansion on the beach was dangerous, how was I to know that the ocean could rise up and swallow part of my house?”

When asked why he had set up the crowd funding page: “Look it’s been a tough year, my stocks are down, the ATO has frozen my money while it investigates my off-shore company through Mossack Fonseca, and now this.”

“We just really need a helping hand, in this economic climate it’s getting harder and harder to live on 350K per year and now I’ve got to go find a new pool.”

Mr Rosmunds wife Constance was close to tears when she talked to The (un)Australian, saying“This is just a disaster, we have had to take our girls out of SCEGGS and move into our investment property at Mosman until the builders say that the house is safe to move back into, that could take weeks, so it doesn’t look like our holiday to the Caymans is going to happen this year.”

The Rosemunds have also had to let go of their pool boy and their house keeper until the property is given the all clear. Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has set up an emergency fund for people who cannot find their pools or imported cars, with the fund available to people whose house is worth over 3.4 million dollars.

Gus W Templeton

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  1. Ha … And people have to ask if this is a joke or not! (You lot have got to be kidding, right?). Setting up a crowd funding hey; good luck to those poor blighters if they manage to pull it off! I’ll be laughing for years on this one.


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