Pokemon GO Players Warned Of Dangers of Unaugmented Reality


Young players of the Pokemon GO game thrilled to discover the new “Outdoors” app have begun experiencing disturbing side effects from the new unaugmented reality technology.

“When you die in unaugmented reality you don’t immediately spring back to life,” said Penrith gamer Jack Treadmark after being run over by a bus. “It’s pretty much game over and something the manufacturer might want to look into improving for the next update of the app.”

“I was really enjoying my avatar as an oblivious to everything else nerd when someone whose avatar was a knife wielding thug jumped out from behind a bush and stole my phone,” complained Hornsby player Emmaline Jenzed. “Up until then I was really getting into the new technology although that bit where the fluffy white things in the sky turned dark and dumped a truckload of water on me was a tad unpleasant.”

Other users of the game have reported feeling fatigued and some have even made ludicrous claims that playing the game has made their bodies start to leak salty drops of water, especially in the armpit area.

“My grandfather had to show me how to make friends in an unaugmented reality,” said Campbelltown teen Roger Topointo. “It’s this complicated thing where you walk up to someone you think you may like and ask them to be your friend. At first it felt weird having friends that I’d actually met. We made plans to get together and talk about stuff in something called a ‘room’.”

Peter Green

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