John Howard Suggests Turnbull Ignore Pauline Hanson Then Steal Her Policies


Former Prime Minister and recent convert to spray tanning John Winston Howard has called on Malcolm Turnbull to ignore senator-elect Pauline Hanson and then steal her policies.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, the former Prime Minister said: “Candidates like Hanson are a dime a dozen, I mean there’s now two Hansons in the Senate. Pauline and what’s her name, you know Crysy McGee, the Green’s girl Sarah. Anyway what Malcolm needs to do is leave Pauline alone and just see which of her ideas polls well, then steal it.”

“Worked for me, remember when I said ‘we decide who comes to this country’, that won me an election or two, thanks Pauline.”

When The (un)Australian tried talk to Mr Howard about the Chilcot Report and the war in Iraq, he started to talk about Shane Warne and his love of cricket, at which point his carer asked us to leave as he was getting too excited.

Ms Hanson could not be reached for comment as she was apparently out, back-to-parliament shopping, as Officeworks had a special on aluminum foil to make hats for her Senators.

Mark Williamson

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