Every Doco Ever Made About Rise Of 1930’s Fascism Now Redundant


The world’s documentary makers have switched off coverage of the Republican National Convention and started downloading applications for unemployment benefits after realising that there is no need to ever make another movie explaining the rise of nazism.

“What’s the point of trying to go back to the historic record to explain how a society of intelligent, well educated people like the pre war Germans could put their faith in a narcissistic dribbler when all you have to do is look out the window or log onto a news site,” said despairing documentary maker Milosz Mizenseen. “I’m buying a wet suit and flying off to the Bahamas to make films about sharks for the Discovery Channel.”

“We made all these minutely researched films so that future generations could learn a lesson and say never again,” said disheartened History Channel producer Claudia Verite. “Apparently the response of future generations is a hearty “stuff you”. The average Facebook generated personalised memory video will do just as good a job.”

There is no need it seems for contemporary film makers to try and work out how intelligent and humane members of fascist societies of the 1930s found themselves powerless to stop the rise of anti intellectualism and bigotry.

“We have countless hours of interviews with Holocaust survivors that we may as well tape over with episodes of Dancing With The Stars or Masterchef,” bemoaned award winning director Maria Flywheel. “At least it’ll save us money on colourising old archival footage from before the war the next time we want to win the Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival.”

Peter Green

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