AAA Painkillers now official sponsor of The One Nation Party


The makers of AAA Painkillers, Offshore profits Inc announced today that their painkiller would now be the official sponsor of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party.

Brand Ambassador for AAA Painkillers Melanie Linquist told The (un)Australian that: “We have been aware that our painkillers have some side effects like drowsiness and loss of appetite, but recently we became aware of other side effects including blatant racism so we see our brand aligning perfectly with that of One Nations.”

The news came after Collingwood president and Triple-M Melbourne breakfast host Eddie McGuire revealed that the reason he made racist comments about Adam Goodes and the musical King Kong was due to being on painkillers after a knee infection.

It’s believed that all One Nation members and representatives will now be given a year’s supply of the painkiller and encouraged to mention the name AAA Painkillers anytime they are called racists or bigots.

Makers of other brands of painkillers are now talking to Eddie McGuire’s management about sponsoring his breakfast show and one brand is even rumoured to have approached Sonia Kruger.

Gus W Templeton

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