James Packer Slams John Cleese: Slapping Spanish Waiters In The Head Also A Horrible Way To Make Money

packer gyngell

Billionaire casino owner James Packer has criticised John Cleese for the brutal treatment of his waiter Manuel back in the 1970s when the comedian used to manage a hotel in Torquay.

“I’d like to remind Mr Cleese that I always treat the staff of my casinos with respect and kindness and have never belted any of them over the head with a frying pan or kicked them in the arse so hard they’ve gone flying through a swinging door,” said the stunningly attractive gambling tycoon, whose good looks have attracted the likes of singer Mariah Carey to his side. “And don’t get me started on the way Cleese mocked the handicapped back when he was Britain’s Minister For Silly Walks. That was no way for a minister of the crown to behave.”

Packer is currently heavily in debt to the Australian tax office to the tune of $362 million but is confident that he’ll soon be back in front.

“I know this tax office is going to start paying out real soon so I’m going to put one last $100 million into it and hope for the best,” said Packer as he gave his tax return a shake and kissed it for good luck. “Perhaps you should be asking Mr Cleese why so many parrots in his care have ended up dead? There’s your real story.”

Peter Green

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  1. Packer is joking right?


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