Malcolm Turnbull Confuses Hipster With Homeless In Melbourne

malcolm turnbull

Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister of the last 2 years, Malcolm Turnbull has confused a hipster with a homeless person in Melbourne and inadvertently given the hipster $5.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister explained the mistake, saying: “Easy enough enough to do, Malcolm saw an unkempt fellow with a beard and dated clothes and thought he’s clearly down on his luck and gave him $5. The chap was lucky that Malcolm had $5 on him, as he usually only carries hundreds.”

The hipster who was mistaken as homeless is 43-year-old independent filmmaker Leo Von Scarf. He spoke to The (un)Australian about the mix up, saying: “Gosh I mean do I look homeless and in need of money, the Prime Minister is out of touch with the youth of today.

“Now any chance I can promote my Go Fund Me page? I’m making a documentary on the inherent racism of koalas, I only need $125,000 to film it.”

The Prime Minister will wrap up his Melbourne visit by being photographed at an AFL game or on a tram.

Mark Williamson

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