Aussie Runner Goes Back To Make Sure Fallen Opponent Stays Down

AAA Athlete

An Australian athlete has been praised for showing the true spirit of Aussie sportsmanship by stopping in the middle of a 5000 metre race and returning to push a fallen rival back to the ground.

“I saw that a runner from Bhutan had tripped after I’d given her a cheeky nudge in the back and became concerned that she might be able to continue,” said runner Kylie Snark. “I did what anyone would do in those circumstances and went back and offered her a hand up which I withdrew just as she was about to grab hold of me.”

“Australia’s athletes have learnt their lessons from the actions of that loser John Landy who jeopardised his sponsorships and chances of a post athletics career as a reality television star by going back to help Ron Clarke in that famous race some time in the 1950s,” said Australia’s track and field coach Alf Staggers. “Kylie showed by going back and shoving that other girl face first into the asphalt what representing Australia on the world stage is all about.”

Kylie Snark’s actions have earned praise from Australian wicket keeper Peter Nevill, who was responsible for stumping batsman Dimuth Karunaratne after  the Sir Lankan had left his crease to go save a small child in the crowd from choking.

“Sometimes you just have to forget about winning and take the time to make sure that your opponent loses and loses badly,” said gloveman Nevill. “I’m heartened to see that Kylie continued her race and ran a very credible 19th, our best ever performance by anyone ever in the second week of the Olympics.”

Snark and her opponent embraced after the race, during which the Australian whispered in her rivals ear that if she made a fuss about the incident she would personally fly over to Bhutan and push her down the side of a mountain.

Peter Green

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