NT Government Promises To Hold Plebiscite On Leaving The 21st Century

adam giles

The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Adam Giles, has announced that should the Country Liberal Party win this weekend’s election, they will hold a plebiscite on whether the Territory should pack up and leave the 21st Century.

Following the shocking revelations from a Four Corners story on youth detention in the Northern Territory, Mr Giles said “What is clear is that many Territorians are confused about what century we are living in and the responsibilities that come with it. Rather than commit the Territory to contemporary good practice and international standards, we might just need to admit that we’re not that up for it”

Many inside government believe the push to leave the 21st Century has come from the ‘culmination’ of recent failings with technology and standards by the Giles Government. A source close to cabinet said: “The downfall started when the former Minister for Sport and Recreation, Nathan Barrett, sent a video of himself masturbating to a female constituent via Snapchat. I mean who does that? It was a shocking act, but what many don’t know is that he first tried to send a dick pick to the constituent by facsimile”.

Current polling suggests the Territory is close to 50/50 split on whether it should stay or go. Local stay campaigner, Constance Jones says it’s the government that is dragging its feet. “Just look at technology, this year the government denied legislation to legalise the use of Uber. Sure, I admit the Territory doesn’t have the best record with ‘ride sharing’. But, Bradley John Murdoch is behind bars and Uber drivers are way safer”.

Proponents of the leave campaign are pushing for the reintroduction of corporal punishment, the immediate ban on CCTV and video technology in public spaces and the continuation of institutional racism.

Johnny Bassano

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