Hawthorn Football Club Trade 2014 Premiership For Late Draft Pick


The Hawthorn Football club currently in the midst of a one year Premiership drought has surprised the AFL world by trading their 2014 Premiership to St Kilda in exchange for pick 68 in the 2016 draft.

St Kilda’s coach Alan Richardson spoke of the club’s surprise and elation at the trade, saying: “Mate it took us right out of the blue, I mean Alastair Clarkson offered us the premiership and we were like oh yeah, maybe. Then when he said they only wanted pick 68 in return we said lock it in and here we are premiers, you bloody beauty!”

When asked why he thought Hawthorn would trade the Premiership Richardson speculated: “I think they are stockpiling late round picks to trade to the Giants so they can use them to lock up their academy picks. That or he’s so bored of winning premierships maybe he’s after a challenge, in that case he should try coaching Richmond.”

The Hawthorn football club would not comment on their trades however they did ask if The (un)Australian was interested in taking on Shaun Burgoyne in exchange for a couple of old phone books.

Mark Williamson


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