Trump Told To Stare Straight Ahead And Think About The Rabbits


Donald Trump’s campaign manager has asked him to look away from her and think about the rabbit farm they’re going to start once the election is over.

“Guys like us that want to make America great again, we’re the loneliest guys in the world,” began Kellyanne Conway as she recited Donald Trump’s favourite speech. “But someday we’re gonna have a little white house with a couple a acres and pigs and cows and an oval office…”

“And rabbits. Big fat plump ones,” interjected Trump with a smile. “I’m gonna tend them and we’re gonna live off the fat of the lan’.”

With a catch in her voice Conway commanded Trump to keep on looking ahead and think about the rabbits, having earlier rejected Trump’s offer to take himself off to the hills an’ live in a cave .

“Take off your hat Donald, the air feels fine,” said Conway gently. “Now look across the Potomac River, you can almost see the place.”

After returning from her chat with Trump about the rabbits Conway sought solace with Paul Ryan.

“You hadda Kellyanne, I swear you hadda,” said Ryan as he gently led her away to the nearest bar. “His polling was going to shit creek.”

Peter Green

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