Assange Sent To Room With No Dinner And Loss of TV Privileges For A Week


The Ecuadorian embassy has sent Julian Assange to his room with no dinner and revoked his TV privileges for a week as punishment for him saying naughty words whilst watching the final US presidential debate.

A spokesperson for  the Ecuadorian embassy told The (un)Australian: “Julian is going through a difficult stage right now he’s lashing out and quite frankly being very naughty. So we thought it’s time we disciplined him, we cut off his internet and that didn’t work so next we sent him to his room and cut off his TV privileges.

“If that doesn’t work well then we may have to move on to more stricter measures like taking away his phone or sending him to Sweden.”

Mr Assange spoke out about his treatment, saying: “It’s not fair, I did all my chores, even the vacuuming and I only said one bad word and they turned off the TV and made me go to my room. Stupid Ecuador I wanna go live with my friends in the Russian embassy, they’d let me send any tweet I wanted about America.”

The US embassy offered Mr Assange a place to crash if he was getting sick of his current digs, saying the had a ‘nice room’ for him and would be happy to put him up for 30 years to life.

Mark Williamson

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