Tony Abbott Calls For Impressive Michael Clarke To Consider Politics

michael clarke

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott fresh off a round of interviews with TV, radio, podcasts, newspapers, friendly grocers and random people he’s met on the bus has spoken of how impressed he is with former Australian Cricket captain Michael Clarke and encouraged the former cricketer to consider a career in politics.

Mr Abbott elaborated on his thoughts further, saying: “Having read Michael’s new book and seen him being interviewed, I’m mightily impressed by his team first attitude and ability to throw others under the bus. He’d fit in well with the back benchers, Kevin Andrews and Myself would make him feel very welcome. Why he could even join our Death to Malcolm thinktank.”

When reached for comment Michael Clarke was flattered and reflective on the idea, saying: “I’m very humbled to be considered, it reminds me of the time that Andrew Symonds told me he wanted to be Prime Minister and I encouraged him to go for it.”

“I even helped him by ringing every Politician I knew and speaking of what a great guy Symmo was when he wasn’t on the piss, which admittedly was most of the time.”

Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did not rule out recruiting Clarke, saying: “Michael Clarke is he a Rooster or a Swan I like the Swans they’re home ground is in my electorate you know, also Swan is so tasty to eat for Christmas lunch.”

Mark Williamson

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