Packer Regrets Giving All Crown Employees Chinese Flag Print Budgie Smugglers

packer gyngell

James Packer has expressed his regret over a decision to hand out to all Crown employees Chinese flag print budgie smugglers at the company’s Christmas party. Mr Packer’s regret follows the jailing of Crown employees in mainland China.

Speaking to the The (un)Australian Mr Packer explained the decision, saying: “I thought the Chinese flag patterned budgie smugglers were a good idea, I mean they were cheaper than giving all the employees a bonus. But you know I never thought we’d get done in China I mean sure promoting gambling is illegal in China but my guys weren’t doing that.”

When asked what exactly they were doing in China, Mr Packer said: “They were promoting our ‘resorts’ you know Crown casino in Melbourne has a nice view of the fish tanks from the blackjack table and there are some lovely walks around the casino too. I mean who needs the Bondi to Bronte walk when you can walk from the roulette wheel to the baccarat tables.”

No word yet on whether the Crown employees will be charged however when reached for comment the Chinese Government did say don’t bet against it. Mr Packer has promised to fight not only all charges against Crown employees but also anyone who’s keen to punch on.

Mark Williamson

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