60 Minutes Lands ‘Exclusive Interview’ With A Piece Of Dog Poo


Journalists (sic) from Channel 9’s 60 minutes program are excited to announce that they have outbid their rivals in securing an exclusive interview with a piece of dog poo that has been living on the streets of the Gold Coast.

A spokesperson for the piece of dog poo discussed the deal to talk to 60 minutes, saying: “After seeing how 60 Minutes handled their interview with Gable Tostee we thought this show knows how to deal with a piece of crap and would be the ideal show for my client to get their story out there.”

When asked what their client would be discussing with 60 minutes the spokesperson was guarded, saying: “You’ll just have to tune in, it could involve Tara Brown helping my client break into a fertiliser plant to kidnap their children. Or we could discuss the time my client was mistaken for Kyle Sandilands, tune in to find out.”

60 minutes was unavailable for comment as all reporters were out at the sewage plant following up on leads for future stories.

Mark Williamson


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