Queensland Pharrell Fan Not Happy About Actually Being In Room Without A Roof

A north Queensland fan of Pharrell Williams has questioned the lyrics of the American singer’s hit song “Happy” after losing the roof of his home to tropical cyclone Debbie.

“Terrified and devastated are the emotions I felt as the winds tore the tiles off my roof,” said Bowen resident Jason Beaufort as he recalled the harrowing experience. “I’d like to invite Mr Williams to spend a few hours in a roofless room as his most treasured possessions are being obliterated and he fears for his life and those of his loved ones. At the very least that big twatting hat that he wears could come in handy to help scoop the flood waters out of my backyard.”

“As the storm hit we put Pharrell on and tried to keep our spirits up by clapping along but the stereo got sucked up through the roof,” said Beaufort’s partner Tracy. “Apparently our stereo crashed through someone else’s roof in Mt Isa still playing “Happy” on repeat.”

A spokesperson for Pharrell Williams said the singer sends his condolences to everyone caught up in the disaster and is willing to change the lyrics of the song to convey that happiness is more truthfully experienced in a room with a sturdy roof secured by cyclone proof screws.

Donate to The Salvation Army’s recovery efforts by calling 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) or online at salvos.org.au. You can also make a donation at all Woolworths checkouts or any Westpac branch. Or simply Text “HELP” to 1999 2769 to donate $5 per sms.

Peter Green

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