Fossilised Ugg Boot Discovered Next To Biggest Dinosaur Footprint

Scientists have unearthed the fossilised remains of the largest ugg boot ever worn just meters away from the world’s biggest set of dinosaur footprints.

“The discovery of a perfectly preserved uggie confirms that the tracks belonged to a species of dinosaur called the boganasaurus,” said palaeontologist Heather Flintstone from the Museum of Western Australia. “We speculate that the dinosaur had just slipped the ugg boots on to take the rubbish bins out when an asteroid hit the earth.”

“We’re having the world’s biggest Brannock Device flown out from Germany so we can accurately measure the size of the ugg boot, but at a guess I’d say it’s about a size 1337 and a half,” said fellow researcher Dr Amber Rubble. “This has lead us to believe that the Australian megafauna contained a giant merino sheep five times the size of today’s sheep. That mysterious big merino at Goulburn may actually be a fully preserved specimen of the species.”

The tracks show a double set of dinosaur footprints that turn into a single set for a short while, which scientists speculate represents when the dinosaur god carried the bogansaurus through a period of hard times and tribulation.

“If what they say about foot size is true we estimate this dinosaur had a shlong the size of a park bench,” said smirking teenage palaeontologist Billy Slate. “There is a much smaller set of footprints next to it that lead to the tyre tracks of a very big car.”

Peter Green

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