Schapelle Corby Devastated To Learn of Zoo Weekly’s Demise

With her arrival in Australia days away boogie board enthusiast Schapelle Corby has revealed her devastation upon learning of the demise of her favourite magazine, Zoo Weekly.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Schapelle Corby explained her devastation, saying: “I know a lot of things would have changed since I was last in Australia but I never expected Zoo Weekly to go. That was how I was going to earn money.”

“I mean yeah 60 Minutes would give me cash for pretty much anything but I can’t keep that as it’s proceeds of crimes. With Zoo all I’d need to do is get in a bikini and take some pics and get the cash. What am I gonna do now?”

With news of Corby’s predicament doing the rounds the offers started come in, with former politician and now aspiring Youtube star Mark Latham offering Corby cab fare and a six pack to appear on his show.

When told of the offer Corby was non-committal however she was considering launching a Go Fund Me account to buy a return trip to Colombia.

Mark Williamson

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