Quadrant Magazine Defends Itself By Saying: “Yasmin Adbel-Mageid Started It”

Quadrant Magazine has defended publishing an article which called upon the ABC’s Ultimo offices to be bombed by stating that: “ABC Presenter Yasmin Abdel-Mageid started it by dissing Anzac Day.”

Speaking to The (un)Australian a spokesperson for Quadrant magazine further defended the article, saying: “You can’t diss Anzac day it’s sacred. That Yasmin person did and it’s not fair how everyone is piling up on us. I mean we only published the article on our website so only 10 or so people would have seen it.”

“Yasmin put up a Facebook status and she has actual friends so like 1000’s of people would have seen that. I wish we were popular.”

When pressed on Yasmin’s right to free speech the spokesperson said: “I believe in free speech and 18c of the racial discrimination act is inhibiting my free speech. But you can’t diss the Anzacs there should be a law about it.”

Mark Williamson


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