Peter Dutton Does Not Care About People Who Don’t Like Potatoes

Minister for Immigration and aspiring super villain, Peter Dutton sat down with The (un)Australian for a profile piece where he talked about his hopes, dreams and indifference towards people who don’t like potatoes.

The Minister said of people’s food tastes: “Look Australia is a country with a lot of people who like a lot of different things. Most reasonable, honest and decent people like myself and my Mum like potatoes.

“Others who are not respectable and are borderline criminal like Richard Di Natale, Sarah Hanson-Young and the other social justice warriors like vegetables like Bok Choi and swede.

“But not me, I’m a potato man. I was born a potato and will be elected Prime Minister as a potato. Man.”

Minister Dutton also talked about his favourite type of lollies — spoiler alert, it’s not Allens chicos.

The full interview will be published in The (un)Australian  as soon as ASIO, the Federal police and Minister Dutton’s Mum have finished with the transcript.

Mark Williamson

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