Melbourne Demons Miss Out On Mad Monday Due To Booking Mix Up

The Melbourne Demons AFL team, left reeling after narrowly missing finals for the 11th year in a row, suffered a further blow after their Mad Monday plans fell through due to a double booking.

“We rocked up to Young & Jackson’s in the city all dressed up and ready to drown our sorrows but when we got there they’d double booked and our room went to a group of Melbourne-based West Coast Eagles supporters,” said a club spokesperson. “I knew we shouldn’t have let bloody Jack Watts handle the booking.”

A spokesperson for the venue said: “It was unfortunate, they did book but for the week after and when they rocked up all dressed up we had to turn them away as a bunch of Eagles fans were already there.

“Was a real shame as they’d all come in fancy dress, all dressed up as footballers, gee that made me laugh.”

After being turned away from the venue, the team settled for a low key lunch at McDonald’s. All players kicked on to a dessert of carmael sundaes and luke-warm apple pies, except for Jordan Lewis, who left early and was overheard muttering: “Why’d I leave Hawthorn.”

Mark Williamson

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