Kochie Mulling Over Replacing Ken Hinkley With The Cash Cow

Port Adelaide President David Koch has refused to rule out replacing Port Adelaide Coach Ken Hinkley with the cash cow, following Port Adelaide’s disappointing finals performance.

“I’m not afraid of making the hard calls as President, like building a wall around our home ground to keep out the Victorians,” said Kochie. “I respect Ken Hinkley and admire him but as a President I want results and so far Kenny hasn’t delivered.”

“The cash cow on the other hand he always delivers and costs a fraction of what we pay Kenny.”

When asked what knowledge of football the cash cow has Kochie replied: “He’s a cow, what more does he need to know. I mean the footballs are made from cow leather, not Hinkley leather.”

The (un)Australian reached out to current Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley for comment but he was out of the office chasing some Suns.

Mark Williamson


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