Prince Philip Plans On Gifting Harry Poland As Wedding Gift

Prince Philip has been telling his friends of his plans to gift his Grandson Harry and his new bride Meghan Markle Poland in celebration of their upcoming wedding.

“The Prince is most excited about Harry’s upcoming wedding and has put a lot of thought into what to get the young Royals,” said a Palace Insider. “After a lot of consideration and a few gifts being ruled out on legal grounds, Prince Philip decided to embrace his German ancestry and gift them Poland.”

“He has a real soft spot for Harry you know and he just loves Meghan. Says she reminds him of a young girl he used to know from the islands.”

When asked whether Prince Philip would be speaking at the Royal Wedding the Palace Insider replied: “Not officially, however after a few cognacs he may get up and deliver a toast to the Kaiser.”

“Just as long as he is not seated near Meghan’s Mother, he doesn’t know her ethnicity yet.”

The Royal Wedding will be held Saturday evening Australian time and is not expected to be covered by any of the major television networks.

Mark Williamson

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