Report: 97% Of Comments On One Nation Facebook Page Riddled With Spelling And Grammatical Errors


Recent research of One Nation social media accounts has found that 97% of comments from their supporters contain either spelling or grammatical errors.

The study found that most One Nation supporters don’t know “their shit”, or that they are shit or that they shat over there, with their skills below that of a 4th Grader.

The damning results are not entirely unexpected after finding that most people who support politicians with fiscally inept policies, probably don’t have the literacy stills to read said policies.

The report also revealed that most immigrants, which the party was trying to ban, had higher literacy levels than that of party supporters.

When confronted with the report, One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson stated that this was a smokescreen.

“The real issue is the immigrants coming over here, and not speaking the language”, stated Hanson, “we never mentioned anything about the ability to write it”.

The party has pledged $1 million to provide free spell checkers for areas of Queensland, despite it being a built in feature for many browsers.

GK Kidd


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2 replies

  1. What is the name of this study and where can I find it?


  2. It’s a pity that we couldn’t read the above without seeing an error. (para 3 line 2 “stills” ?)


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