Coles Announces New Set Of Anti-Terror Minis


Cole’s supermarkets have announced that it would be adding a new selection to its already popular plastic crap minis range.

Coles Spokesperson Richard Slicker told the (un)Australian: “Off the back of the recent attack in Sydney, people have been clamouring to protect their homes with milk crates.”

“To reflect this new found respect for the humble crate. Coles are proud to announce a new range of collectible minis. The Anti-terror collection, which will include a mini milk crate, cafe chair and shopping trolley”

It’s also believed that the milk crate mini’s will come in a range of colours including gun metal grey, racist black, true blue and the most collectible of all the “urine gold” crate.

The new anti-terror plastic crap mini collectibles will be available at all Cole’s supermarkets from Friday.

Gus W Templeton

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