Jones Asks Bosses If It’s Just Women He’s No Longer Allowed To Threaten


New South Wales’ unofficial Premier radio host Alan Jones has asked his bosses if it’s just women that he is no longer allowed to threaten and whether or not abusing minority groups is still on the table.

The query comes after Jones’ bosses told him that another repeat of his violent rant against Jacinda Ardern would lead to them tearing up his contract.

“Not being able to abuse women has come as a big blow to Alan, especially considering the amount of female leaders around the World,” said a 2GB Insider. “So here’s hoping management will turn a blind eye when Alan goes on his next rant against Ben Simmons or Islamic people.”

“Cause let’s face it without all the abuse Alan really doesn’t have much else to fill in his show with.”

Alan Jones was unavailable for comment as he was out on the streets trying to hustle a few new sponsors for his show. It is believed his show next week will be sponsored by the new Chris Brown album.

Mark Williamson

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